Sunday, September 16, 2012

Integrating History: Constitution Day

Constitution Day, September 17th, 2012

This document is the Supreme Law of the United States and kids in the family should begin learning about what their rights are as US citizens. You can start small with the little ones or go big with the older kids.

Here is a website for a quick list of activities can be found here.
Another great website, Constitution Day, has information on the ratificaion of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.
For the older kids in your family, you could match the Founding Father with one interesting fact about that person. This activity woul take longer than one day.

Amazon has a great deal on two books I read that helps kids understand the purpose of this document a little more.
David Catrow is slowly becoming my new favorite author.

 You can talk about what rules are and why we have them as you read these books. Of course since it is still the beginning of the year, you can put in place school rules for the house like:
1. No TV on a school night
2. Reading after dinner for 30 minutes
3. We will play a board game as a family one night a week.

Whatever you think will fit your schedule and family needs. The kids will love creating rules for parents as well. Have the older kids write out a constitution for the family and everyone sign it to be placed in the playroom or bathroom of the house.

Recognize this document and how lucky we are to be an American. It is your role as a parent to help create functioning citizens in this country. Start now.