Saturday, December 27, 2014

52 week savings plan:Integrating Money

My children are getting older and are understanding more and more about money. Last year, I tried the 52 week challenge to save money. I didn't follow all the way through with it. But I did try it a little different. It just didn't seem to help me by spending more money as time went on. So, I alternated the weeks. Week 1-$1, week 2-$52, week 3-$2, week 4-$51 and so on.....
I didn't have want to spend my time re-creating the sheet, so I just crossed off the top and bottom to keep track. Even though I wasn't consistent last year, it was my first year, I wanted to try it again. And involve my child in saving her pennies, instead of dollars.

My goal is a vacation, hers will be a special toy. Together, we have goal.

Here is a link I saw that had three other ideas : 3 new 52 week

So, how would I motivate my children? I have a few books we will be reading and using.




Wish us luck! Good luck if you join.